How will Smart Leads Unlimited access my dealer inventory?

We will work with your marketing team to gain access to your DMS and upload your inventory to our platform.

Are there any fees to advertise with Smart Leads Unlimited?

No. Advertising on our platform is free to dealerships. We only charge a monthly syndication fee of $99 to host your inventory on our platform.

How does Smart Leads Unlimited make money?

We are a performance-based marketing service and are only compensated when your vehicle sells. When your car is sold to an SLU customer we assess a referral fee for the transaction. Partners in our dealer network will be invoiced at the beginning of each month for transactions from the prior month.

Where do you get your auto inventory from?

We are an inventory aggregator and receive dealer inventory from a combination of data partners and our dealership network relationships.

Does Smart Leads Unlimited offer discounts on dealer inventory?

Yes. We offer a combination of publicly available manufacture and dealer rebates and cash offers. We also split of our dealer referral fee as a discount to the customers of our service.

Does Smart Leads Unlimited buy or sell cars directly?

No. We are an aggregator of vehicles available for sale. We do not participate in the sales transaction between the dealer and the SLU customer.